About Us

Guertin Brothers has specialized in the creation of wedding bands since 1958. Our experience as a manufacturer of fine jewelry goes back to 1872. As a division of John C. Nordt Company, Inc., we remain dedicated to the production of the finest jewelry in the world. At our factory, more than 150 associates work with a variety of precious metals and the most advanced technology in the world, shipping up to fifty different metals each day to customers across the globe.

A Prime Manufacturer

Guertin Brothers is a prime manufacturer of wedding bands. Every ring we sell is created from beginning to end at our factory in the United States. We begin each ring with the raw elements, both precious metals and the alloys we used. They are combined in our furnaces and extruded through our unique FusionForged™ process into tubes of precious metals. Each ring is precision crafted and ultimately finished to perfection into the wedding bands that symbolize so much to those who wear them.

Dedication to Quality

The continued success of our company is based on a legacy of integrity and innovation, combined with superior products and services. A family business to this day, we are dedicated to providing a wide variety of products based on our special process and unique skills. From exacting component blanks to the finest and most romantic of engagement and wedding rings, we create unusually high quality merchandise and services to jewelers worldwide, setting the standard for excellence in jewelry manufacturing.

Our Direction

Our direction has been and remains the same:

  • Producing the finest quality products
  • Providing our customers with the highest level of service
  • Being leadership in our industry and involved in our community



In 1958, two brothers, Valmore and Emile Guertin, ran a jewelry store in Hyannis, Massachusetts.   Val Guertin, needing a gift for his wife on Mother’s Day, created the Mother’s Ring, which consisted of two wedding bands (representing him and his wife) joined together by the birthstones of their three daughters. Click here to read the full history of Guertin Brothers, Inc.