eichhorn-jewelry-logoAlmost from the day we opened 50 years ago this year, Guertin Bros. was a supplier we could count on. more

Eric Trabert“Guertin Brothers is doing all the right things. I have sold their products for 14 years, so I know that their construction process crafts one top-notch band after another. Just touch one – you know it will be a solid product. Guertin offers my customers what they want: a timeless piece of quality jewelry. And they offer me what I want: perfection in customer service. Guertin is eager to make anything work for me, beginning with their greeting over the phone and ending with my satisfied customers. As I said, they are doing all the right things.”

Eric Trabert
Eric Trabert Goldsmiths LLC
San Francisco, California

Meg Gibson“I love Guertin Brothers bands because their metals are extruded and of a superior quality. We can size them up and down which gives us a lot more flexibility. The people at Guertin are so friendly and accomodating, we just love working with them. They’re one of only a handful of vendors that we call partners. I love to tell people this company is amazing. Everyone in bridal should absolutely consider them.”

Meg Henne Gibson
Henne Jewelers
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Phil Lemons“We’re a full-service jewelry store that specializes in bridal, and we’ve been a Guertin Brothers customer for more than 20 years. Their rings are high quality, very well made, and meticulously finished. Since their metals are extruded, we can size the rings at the local store level. Every retailer knows jewelry is a personal business, and Guertin backs their products with attentive, personal service and support that we know we can count on.”

Phil Lemons
Lemons Jewelry
With 13 locations in central and southwest Virginia